A brand new arcade bar has hit the Shoreditch circuit and it’s sure to be a place of quirky vibes, serious gaming, and real motor racing competition!

Yes that’s right, racing in a bar!… It’s the one place where it’s acceptable to drink and drive! The Glitch Bar is a brand new and unique arcade bar situated upstairs at The Joiner on Worship. As well as its iconic quirky décor, The Glitch Bar plays host to a whole variety of arcade games, from the well-known retro machines to the never before seen, and not forgetting the main event, the brand new Glitch Raceway!

A ONE OF A KIND collaboration between:

The Glitch Bar and The Racing Bug

The Glitch Raceway is a 10 driver motor racing experience sure to divide the champions from the losers and really add some competition to the night.

Grab your pals, arch enemies and competitive opponents to go head to head in a race for 1 st place.

You’ll experience the thrills of real motor sport as you get behind the wheel and drive your miniature car around the hairpins and through the chicanes, in an attempt to beat your nearest and dearest and show’em what you’ve got!

It’s easy to feel like a real racing pro on the Glitch Raceway as every race is supported by live commentary and operation, a real-time leader board so you can keep track of your progress (and the others), and full driving controls.

Nervous Rooky

From £5.0 per-person
  • to £12pp
    at peak times
  • approx 15mins racing

Aspiring Champ

from £7.5 per-person
  • to £18pp
    at peak times
  • approx 23mins racing

Born Winner

from £10 per-person
  • to £24pp
    at peak times
  • approx 30mins racing

Racing Hero

from £12.5 per-person
  • to £30pp
    at peak times
  • approx 38mins racing