Eating at the Joiner

At the Joiner, all our burgers & chicken are made from scratch using pure beef or 100% chicken breast served in brioche buns.

burgers, dogs & fries

toasted brioche buns with lettuce and red onion. Served with fries.

The Classic Bull – TWO JUICY 3OZ prime beef pattIES with oozing Applewood-smoked Cheddar and layered with crispy bacon, pickled onions and burger sauce

Beast Mode – TWO JUICY 3OZ prime beef patties and smoked beef brisket with oozing smoked Cheddar, crispy bacon and BBQ sauce

Chilli & Cheese – TWO JUICY 3OZ prime beef patties patty smothered in chilli and topped with cheese, red chillies and a drizzle of sour cream

Mac & Cheeseburger – TWO JUICY 3OZ prime beef patties with creamy mac & cheese, topped with even more Swiss cheese, a drizzle of French’s mustard and crispy onions

Halloumi (V) – Panko-coated strips of mouth-watering halloumi, smothered in a sticky sweet chilli sauce

Biffs Beef Style Burger (Ve) – Just as dirty but none of the guilt! A 1/4 lb protein-packed burger, with BBQ sauce, mayo and hand-battered onion rings

chilli Dog – Traditional German-style bratwurst in a sweet brioche roll, smothered with chilli beef, melted cheese, battered jalapeños and crunchy onions

Classic Dog – Traditional German-style bratwurst in a sweet brioche roll, topped with sautéed and crunchy onions, dripping with ketchup and French’s mustard

wings & tings

next level fried chicken – Six crispy chicken breast strips, rubbed down with a Southern-fried coating, with garlic mayo

Wingin’ it (†) – Six crispy chicken wings doused in your choice of Frank’s Red Hot sauce or smoky BBQ sauce

The Deep South Wings (†) –Six Southern-fried crispy chicken wings smothered in a rich Southern-style gravy

Halloumi Strips (V) – Six deliciously hand-breaded crispy halloumi strips


Loaded and simple fries

Southern Bird – Topped with tender Southern-fried chicken pieces, cheese, garlic mayo and spring onions

the streaker – With tasty streaky bacon, pickled onions, cheese, smoked BBQ sauce and spring onions

Chilli Beef – Smothered in chilli beef, melted cheese, battered jalapeños and crunchy onions.

Smoked Brisket – Loaded with slow smoked brisket, gooey cheese, tangy pickled onions and topped with BBQ sauce, spicy French’s mustard and spring onions

Hell-o Halloumi (V) – Topped with melted Swiss cheese, hand-breaded halloumi pieces and drizzled with sticky sweet chilli sauce

Cheese ‘n’ Gravy (V) – Southern-style gravy and melted Swiss cheese

Fries (Ve)

Spicy Fries (Ve) – tossed in Cajun salt for an extra kick

Sweet Potato Fries (Ve)